PVC Dry Scrubbers
The Enforcer III and Ultra-Mact are the the most durable and ultra efficient composite mesh pad dry scrubbers, bare none. Competitively priced, Mapco scrubbers give you more value, the best efficiency and are the easiest to maintain of any dry scrubber period. Mapco Ultra high efficiency scrubbers typically exceed 99.99% efficiency on Cr6 and Cr3 regardless of inlet loading. Midwest Air Products Co., Inc. is the only manufacturer to produce as a standard a vertical (counter-current flow) unit. Our chrome scrubbers typically outlast the competition by years.

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Ultra-Mact high efficiency chrome scrubber
Ultra-Mact with self contained recirculation system
Enforcer III composite mesh pad chrome scrubber
Remote recirculation Enforcer III
Enforcer III with integral fan
Ultra-Mact with removable HEPA filter
Ultra-Mact top section
AAR Landing Gear Installation
Comp X International Chrome Installation
Meridian Automotive Installation
High Efficiency Chrome Scrubber
NELP Chrome Installation


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enforcer maintenance manual
ultra-mact maintenance manual

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