PVC Duct
When you purchase pvc duct from Midwest Air Products, we will supply you with a CAD or pdf drawing for your approval. Why buy online from a broker, buy your pvc duct direct from Midwest Air Products and get the best quality, best price and fast delivery.

We fabricate pvc elbows in sizes up to 24" diameter from extruded PVC or CPVC duct. All pvc ductwork over 24" diameter is fabricated from Type II or Type I extruded PVC sheet. Longitudinal joints are joined together with a Wegener automatic butt welding machine. Our method of reinforcing often exceeeds SMACNA specifications. Square to round transitions are heat formed over a cardboard form (no cold breaking), trimmed and welded together. This method insures a stronger part while providing a more efficient, smoother airflow. Rectangular duct corners are heat formed on an automatic strip heating machine. All parts are cut on a 4' x 8' CNC router for precise fit.

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