PVC Exhaust Hoods
Midwest Air Products sets the standards when designing and fabricating exhaust hoods. Your hoods will be built with the proper gauge material and reinforcing with heat formed, bent corners where possible. CNC routered slots offer the best airflow with the least resistance. Our hoods are not the off the shelf type you find in stock most places. Mapco designed hoods are built with the proper plenum, slot and outlet velocity. We place shielding where it will do the most good.

Click on the PDF below to view sample styles of Mapco exhaust hoods. Remember, we can fabricate just about any configuration using the material you specify. Type I and type II PVC, CPVC and stainless steel are some of the most popular materials.

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Mapco lip hood with hinged cover
Mapco MSL exhaust hood
Mapco MU3 upright hood with adjustable slots
Mapco Terminator composite mesh pad upright hood
Mapco scrubber pre-filter inlet box for mining operation
Mapco Predator fume exhaust system
Mapco Terminator hoods
Mapco MSL hood with cleanout door
Mapco MU3 hood with duall outlets
Mapco MU upright hoods used with a push/pull system
Mapco Terminator upright mesh pad hoods used on hard chrome plating operation
Mapco MLH hood for round tank application


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